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investNOW Capital helps individuals just like you build wealth through real estate while being 100% hands-off.

Let our team’s 30+ years of experience work for you.

We do all the work, while you get the benefits of real estate.

(cashflow, appreciation, tax advantages & wealth-building)

investNOW Capital Holdings

Real Estate Investing Made Easy...

Yes, there’s an easier way to invest in real estate!

And no, you don’t have to worry about telephone calls in the middle of the night from tenants, and no you don’t have to worry about maintenance, repairs, or rent collection.

Did you know that each month that you allow your cash to sit in a savings or retirement account, you are losing money?  Why earn 1% (or less) in a traditional savings account when you could be earning 10% or more by diversifying into profitable recession-proof real estate opportunities that offer cash flow, appreciation, and huge tax advantages? All of this without spending any time on or at the property.

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invest in real estate

what we do…



We Buy Apartments

We purchase apartment communities that meet very specific buying criteria and we raise capital from investors just like you to purchase these assets.



We Do The Work

Our professional team enters each project with a precise game-plan. We work hard to implement the plan while increasing cashflow and future value.



You Get Paid

You partner with us by investing with us. We do 100% of the work while you receive monthly cashflow, appreciation, and tax benefits.

Our Team

Who We Are…

Elsa Nguyen

Elsa Nguyen

Partner, investNOW Capital

Immigrant, Mother, Philanthropist
Real Estate Mentor & Speaker

Real Estate Mentor

Garrison Gilbert

Partner, investNOW Capital

Thought Leader,
Real Estate Mentor & Speaker

our mission

We want to help individuals just like you build wealth with real estate while providing a safe & affordable place for our residents to call home. Did you know that real estate has created more millionaires than any other vehicle over the last 2 centuries? Let our experience work for you, diversify your portfolio, and take advantage of everything that real estate has to offer without any of the headache or hard-work.

investNOW Capital’s

let our experience work for you


Real Estate Investor

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Why Choose Us?

why we love apartments

Many of the properties we buy offer cash flow from day one, and most of our properties offer even more cash flow in the future as we upgrade the apartments and increase the rent. Our strategy ensures sustained profitability, maximizing returns over time.
Forced Appreciation
We have a clear value-added strategy for every property we buy. Apartments are worth what the numbers say they are worth. So when you decrease expenses & increase rents, that “forcibly” increases the value of that property, hence the term “forced appreciation. It's a key aspect to maximize returns for our investors.
Natural Appreciation
Real estate in general naturally increases in value over time. This isn’t something we rely on while owning real estate but it is a nice unexpected by-product of owning great real estate in great locations. It's a reassuring bonus that complements our proactive value-added growth strategy.
No matter how strong (or weak) the current economic outlook appears, nor how high inflation or costs get, the need for housing (apartments) will always be present. The durability and resilience of real estate investments are highlighted by this ongoing demand. Real estate is a stable investment
High Demand
Real estate is all about location, location, location – we invest in markets that offer growth & appreciation; we invest in properties that offer cash-flow & upside potential. And because we invest in B&C class properties, vacancy rates tend to be very low.
We purchase properties that allow our in-house team to showcase their expertise in eliminating waste and increasing efficiency from day 1. We also purchase assets that allow for efficiencies in management, vendors, and supplies which dramatically decreases our monthly expenses, hence increasing our properties valuation.
Doing What's Right
Investing in apartment buildings & complexes is lucrative, but it’s not all about profit. Renovating communities and offering families a nicer/safer place to call home is probably the most rewarding part of this business. We do not buy properties we would not be willing to call home ourselves.
Tax Advantages
Investing in apartments offers huge tax advantages such as Cost Segregation & Bonus Depreciation. In essence, you get to accelerate the advantages of owning real estate into a much shorter time-frame which allows for a much larger tax write-off starting year 1.


Let Us Create A Strategy That Works For You!

owning and operating real estate

With our done-for-you strategy, you gain all the advantages of owning real estate without any of the challenges. How do we do it? We borrow capital from individuals just like you. We then invest those funds into larger cash-flowing, value-added, recession-proof real estate projects that we purchase and operate. 

Our professional team members have decades of experience in owning and operating real estate. Through this experience, we have developed the most efficient systems and operations to maximize returns while reducing risk. We know real estate we do real estate because we do it and have done it for a very long time.

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Our Process

how it works

Step 1

We Search and Locate The Perfect Project


Step 2

We Perform Meticulous Due Dilliegence


Step 3

You Invest With Us


Step 4

We Hande 100% of Everything


Step 5

You Get Paid monthly Distributions



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